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Weed Control

Exotic plants from various sources such as commercial nurseries, landscaping suppliers and gardening clubs are often plants that can become invasive weeds very quickly. Often innocent uses of exotic plants are the main ways that weeds are introduced into the environment and consequently spread, often to the detriment of native Australian species. Due to the popularity of exotic species for gardens etc. many weeds become established in the environment due to the inappropriate use and disposal of garden waste.

The large number of private gardens and botanic gardens containing 1000’s of plant species with weed potential, means that the chances of any particular plant species becoming a weed is very difficult to predict with confidence, however estimates from the Department of the Environment are that an average of 10 weed species establish in the Australian environment each year.

Some ways of preventing weeds in your backyard can include:

  • Carefully choosing plants that are unlikely to spread and become weeds
  • Be sure that there are no potential weed species already in your garden
  • Carefully remove and dispose of any potential weed potentially weedy plants
  • Carefully dispose of all garden waste
  • Take careful steps not to spread weeds

Once a weed species has become established complete eradication can be very expensive and sometimes takes a large amount of resources to control further spread and reduce environmental impact. Therefore initial prevention is the most cost effective method of dealing with invasive weed species. So preventing the entry of new weeds into Australia and the spread of any weeds already here are the vital first steps. Early detection is crucial because it is much easier to eradicate weeds when they are present in small numbers or within a small location than when they have become established over a large area with a large population.

Currently, individual states and territories recognise that the spread of most weed species occurs by similar mechanisms and they all have developed different approaches to managing the spread of weeds appropriate to the various weed threats within their area.

Experienced staff can take care of difficult and complex environmental weed control problems requiring careful management such as weed spraying and correct disposal. All work should be carried out within or exceeding compliance with all relevant legislation for each state.

For highly qualified and experienced staff with the knowledge and the right equipment necessary to handle large commercial weed control and residential weed control jobs as well as develop an ongoing vegetation management solution aimed at keeping noxious weeds and unwanted vegetation growth under control enquire here.