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Tree Pruning: The benefits of trimming, correct pruning and shaping

Establishing plants and trees are a long term investment into the beauty of your environment.  Trimming, correct pruning and shaping of the plants and trees are essential in increasing its aesthetic value first and foremost; however there are a number of other reasons why tree pruning is important.

When establishing the plant or tree, the selective trimming, pruning and shaping can help train the plant to grow appropriately.  It may be necessary to restrict growth of the tree in some areas, so pruning can add in developing a thicker, denser tree with less height.  Alternatively selective pruning of the right branches can encourage trees to grow with a strong branch structure.  This is particularly important for large trees.  Weak or damaged branches pose a safety risk, and as such need to be attended to immediately.

Trimming and pruning also helps to improve the quality of flowers, fruit, foliage or stems. Trimming and de-budding fruit trees in its first year of flowering will increase the abundance fruit when it flowers in the following years.  It’s important to maintain plant health with the removal of old flowers or dead branches to promote new growth and development.

The pruning of trees is necessary for the plants health, but must be done properly to avoid damaging and weakening the tree.  The pruning of larger trees also provides a little more sunlight to help plants, shrubs and ground cover underneath to grow and regain their health.  However the pruning of mature trees should be limited to the lower branches that can be reached from ground height, anything above these needs to be performed by a professional.

Having a beautiful garden comes with regular maintenance of plants, trees and shrubs.  By maintaining and correctly pruning your garden and trees, you will add value to your home, and have a safe and beautiful place to enjoy.  So why not get outdoors and enjoy your garden and make a plan to get your backyard into shape.

If you would like further help with correctly and safely pruning your trees contact Australian Tree Services https://australiantreeservices.com.au/