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Wood Chip  / Forest Mulch for Sale

Our products include quality wood chip / fine forest mulch for sale. Woodchips can be used in various applications from decorative finishes for the garden to ground cover surfaces in playgrounds. We offer woodchips for sale at competitive rates. Woodchip / forest mulch is available in lots of 6m3 or 12m3.

Firewood for Sale

We guarantee the burning quality of the firewood products supplied. The timber is recycled from selected trees into high quality firewood.  It is then allowed to age for a number of years before being split and sold.  This process ensures clean, slow burning firewood.

Our clean slow burning firewood is a mix of hardwoods including Ironbark, Bloodwood, Stringybark and Box, suitable for burning in open fires, pot belly stoves, combustion heaters and camp fires.  The firewood is clean and chemical free.

When selecting firewood it is important to remember not all timbers burn the same, some burn hot and fast while others burn fast with little heat generated.  Slow burning dry seasoned Ironbark, Bloodwood, Stringybark and Box, are high quality firewood varieties that emit very little smoke while burning hot and slow.

Australian Tree Services supplies blocked or split firewood for sale in 1 cubic metre loads, a cubic metre is equivalent to a good size ute load or two standard 6 x 4 trailer loads.

We offer bulk firewood for sale to all Brisbane suburbs, Ipswich, Redlands, Brisbane Northern suburbs and South Brisbane suburbs.  Australian quality seasoned (aged) firewood (hardwood varieties) is the ideal choice to keep your home warm over the winter months. For more information on firewood pricing and our bulk firewood delivery schedule contact us today.

Why is it important to choose the correct firewood

If the firewood you purchase is not aged properly it will have high moisture content, which will prevent the timber from burning effectively.  Green firewood generates up to 70% less heat. Burning green firewood can also create a build up of gum in the chimney or flue, which could lead to an unwanted chimney fire.

For quality aged long burning firewood call Australian Tree Services.  You won’t be disappointed and we stand behind the product we sell.



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