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Selecting the right wood for your fireplace

There is nothing better than on a cold windy winter’s day to snuggle up with a warm cocoa in front of the wood heater.  I remember a childhood filled with fond memories of family all gathered around the wood stove on those chilly nights, telling stories, sharing memories, and really enjoying family time whilst warming our toes. There is something so very therapeutic about the flickering of a warm flame in winter.  Despite the convenience of gas or electric heating, still nothing beats the ambience and feel of a traditional fire, hence the continued popularity of wood heaters.   Little did I know back then, that there is a lot more to wood fuelled heating than just throwing in any wood.  It’s important to select the right wood for your fireplace.

To create the perfect wood heating, there are a few things to consider, they include:

1)  Wood density (hardwood vs. Softwood)

Hardwood burns for a longer period and at a higher temperature due to the density of the wood.  So with greater warmth and less need to “throw another log on the fire”, selecting a quality hardwood is the way to go.  Ironbark and Box wood are amongst the most popular hardwoods used in Queensland.

2)  Seasoned woods (dried vs green)

Obviously smoke is going to significantly detract from the whole cosy atmosphere you were aiming to create, so it’s imperative that your wood doesn’t create much smoke. Smoke is produced when wood is used that has not been seasoned (dried).  Wood that is freshly cut is considered to be “green”.  The issue with freshly cut wood is it hasn’t had the time to dry out, and contains moisture which is counterproductive when trying to use it to burn a hot fire.  It burns very poorly, it is nearly impossible to get it to ignite, and produces an abundance of smoke.  It’s therefore important for optimum burning to use wood that has been left to dry out for at least 6-9 months before use.

3)  Energy content (measurement of heat produced)

This refers to the heat output of your wood.  Different types of firewood produce higher or lower levels of heat.  Selecting a type with higher energy content ensures a bigger burn for your buck.

 To take the guess work out of ensuring you have the right type of wood for your heating needs, it’s a good idea to select a reputable supplier of quality firewood that ensures the wood you burn is the best possible for your needs.

 Australian Tree Services is a quality local company servicing all Brisbane suburbs. You can rest assured that the firewood supplied is guaranteed to be of the highest burning quality. Click here to contact us.