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Benefits of Stump Grinding

Are there tree stumps in the middle of your lawn or garden? If so and they are in your way you could use stump removal services. Trees stumps can be a real hassle particularly when they’re in the middle of your usable space or when they are unexpectedly dug up in the middle of a new landscaping or building project. Professional arborist services often provide stump grinding as an efficient and environmentally friendly method of tree stump removal.
Tree stump removal of any size is no trouble at all for the right equipment and the right stump removal operator. A stump grinding machine is used to grind up the stump and surrounding soil into a mixture of wood mulch and soil usually to a depth of around 30cm below ground level.  Stump grinders are designed to grind all sizes of stumps and a powerful stump grinder will make short work of even the toughest and largest tree stumps. The type of machinery used ranges from self-propelled grinders for smaller residential jobs to large commercial grinding machines that require towing to site for dealing with tree stumps on a large scale.
After tree removal the stump should be ground down to allow for new planting, construction, or reinstatement into lawn or garden. Stump Grinding will also reduce the risk of termites and improve your gardens appearance. A professional tree maintenance company is also qualified to offer consultation on pruning, trimming or any other needs your remaining trees may have.
Talk to professionals who can provide tree maintenance services to suit your needs. Whether your project is commercial or residential, large or small. You can read more about arborist tree services and stump grinding here.