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Trees Can Become Troublesome

Trees are an essential part of life and nature. Trees not only absorb harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, but they also release oxygen. Did you know that two mature trees can release enough oxygen to supply a family of four for an entire year? There are endless examples of why trees are so important. Trees help clean the air, they combat climate change, they provide cool and shade to our streets and provide habitat to animals, insects and birds. Trees provide us with wood to build homes and other construction. Trees provide food to humans and animals, and trees mark the seasons. But unfortunately sometimes, trees can become troublesome.
As a property owner, you inadvertently become the keeper of the trees on your property. This means you are responsible for any issues your trees may cause your property or neighbouring properties. Some of the most common complaints we hear are fruit / palm fronds and branches dropping, roots damaging property, trees blocking views or natural light, and by far the biggest complaint is tree branches overhanging the neighbours fence line.
It’s common courtesy to ensure your trees do don’t adversely impact your neighbours. The last thing you want is a neighbourhood dispute, or even worse legal proceedings against you (yes it does happen). Regular maintenance of your trees and ensuring they are kept on your side of the fence is not difficult and can be achieved with help from professionals if the branches are out of reach.
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