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Dealing with pests in the garden

Love them or hate them, unfortunately bugs and pests are a part of every garden on this planet we call ‘earth’. Some bugs are very destructive while others can actually be beneficial to your garden. Most bugs will come and go through the seasons and providing you have a relatively heathy garden that attracts birds and other wildlife the bugs are usually kept in check by their predators without causing too much of a problem. Keeping your plants healthy and your gardens well maintained is important as diseased or dying plants are more prone to attack by pests. If you notice plants in your garden are weak or have been invaded by pests you may need to intervene with mother nature and look at organic pest control solutions specifically formulated for dealing with pests in the garden.
There are literally millions of species of insects in the world, identifying the ‘destructive’ ones in your garden is the first step to eradication. For a comprehensive list of common Aussie Garden Pests and photographs to assist you in identifying pests in your garden check out professional Aussie Gardener Annette McFarlane’s website. She provides solutions and pest control methods for eradication. Visit  https://www.annettemcfarlane.com/pestID.htm

Prevention is key…

You’ve heard the saying when it comes to human health ‘prevention is better than cure’ and the same goes for your garden. A neglected garden will almost always produce weeds and garden pests. It’s not as hard as you think to maintain your garden, when creating your garden start with the basics.
1)    Feed the soil before you plant the plant. Break up the soil and use a layer of organic material such as compost or manure over the planting area.
2)    Remove all of the weeds and grass before planting the garden as this will reduce competition for water and nutrients in the soil.
3)    When planning seedlings or sowing seeds follow the directions and match the growing requirements to the gardens microclimate.
4)    Regularly inspect your plants for pests such as aphids, ants, and beetles. Remove and destroy any diseased plants
5)    Harvest any edibles as they ripen, and pull up any dying plants that are done producing.
Australian Tree Services can assist in the garden with some of the bigger jobs such as tree removal, stump grinding, trimming and pruning services or supply wood chip and mulch for your garden beds. Contact us today if you need help or advice in maintaining your garden.