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Choosing plants best suited for a low maintenance garden

Australia is a privileged country that is blessed with a wide and varied landscape, pleasant moderate weather and an abundance of diverse native flora and fauna. Gardening is a popular recreational activity amongst Australians of all ages and backgrounds. We take advantage of what our land and environment have to offer to add an aesthetically pleasing element and a sense of serenity in our home gardens. The theme of the typical Australian home garden varies based on factors such as climate, cost, and maintenance. Queensland typically experiences warmer weather year-round with an abundance of sunshine and limited rainfall. For this reason, many Queenslanders opt for a low maintenance garden. Let’s look at how to go about choosing plants best suited for a low maintenance garden in QLD.
Buy small plant that grow fast. Not only will they be easier to transport, but they don’t cost a lot to buy and in sunny Queensland they will grow very fast. Tropical and succulent plants such as the Agave, Flapjack, Frangipani and Cactus are good choices as they have a long life, are strong, drought resistant and they cost very little to maintain.
Choose plants that add density to give a luscious and tropical look to your garden and will also protect the soil from weather / weeds. It is also important to invest in a good quality compost to ensure that your soil is healthy and nutritionally rich. Check out https://www.calyx.com.au/list_of_plants.html for a full list of plants that are suited to Queensland’s climate.
Vines and climbers are a no-brainer. They grow practically anywhere, in most weather conditions, and are an effective choice for a low maintenance plant. Visit https://gardendrum.com/2014/01/26/subtropical-and-tropical-climbers-from-graceful-to-quick-fix/ to find vines and climbers best suited in tropical and sub-tropical weather conditions.
Of course, in any garden regular maintenance is key to keeping your garden looking lush and healthy. If you are planning a new garden or garden makeover Australian Tree Services can help with tree trimming or tree and garden maintenance. Visit https://australiantreeservices.com.au/ for more info.