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Spring Garden Maintenance

Spring in Australia is a welcomed and pleasant time of the year.  The onset of spring not only brings forth great weather throughout the country but flora, plants, and wonderful colours come into bloom. Gardening makes its comeback in Spring as a popular recreational activity amongst Aussie Gardeners with the climate being comfortable and the weather fairly settled. Queensland has a somewhat tropical climate in the Summertime but Spring usually sees clear skies and sunshine. Let’s have a look at Spring garden maintenance in QLD.

General housekeeping

Spring is a good time to focus on providing good quality fertilisers to your soil to prepare your existing and any new plants to grow.  Choose the right type of fertiliser for the variety of plants you grow in your garden that will not only help them grow but ensure their ongoing health and resistance to garden pests and diseases. You’ll ned to regularly water your plants as the weather warms up, particularly so if there has been little to no rain. Pay close attention to new plants, flowering or fruit bearing plants and trees.

Pruning of flowering plants

September / October is the ideal time to prune flowering shrubs as they finish flowering. This including natives such as callistemon, poinsettia, snowflake and grevilleas.  This will encourage a well-organised aesthetic yet densely flowering bush.  Azaleas may not necessarily be pruned unless they are getting too big or straggly or you like to give your plant a more clipped appearance.  Pruning of Hibiscus is particularly popular in SE QLD in September.

Cutting back on summer-flowering tropical shrubs

Plants such as allamanda, pentas and plumbago need to be given less attention as they grow typically in the tropical summer season.  Non-flowering hedges should also be monitored before they start re-growing during the summer.

Rev up that veggie garden

Due to the mild weather conditions in spring, September is a good time in QLD to invest in a veggie garden.  Tomatoes, eggplants, capsicums, cucumber, pumpkin, carrot, radishes, beetroots and beans are a popular choice.  Towards the end of spring, plants such as sweetcorn, okra, snake beans and rosellas are a good choice too.
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