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Have you got old tree stumps on your property? Why you need to get rid of them.

Do you have an old tree stump in your garden that you haven’t taken much notice of, or just left it, as it doesn’t appear to be doing any harm?

Well that seemingly harmless stump may prove to be problematic down the track, here are several reasons why you should consider having it removed:

  • Tree stumps can re-sprout – from multiple places around the edge of the stump, or the roots, which can result in small trees growing. These roots can also crack water pipes and concrete foundations, wreaking havoc that you might not be able to see until it’s too late.
  • They can get diseases – even if a tree stump is dead and there is no risk of re-sprouting, they can get fungal diseases such as honey fungus. Honey fungus puts other plants and wood in your garden at risk, as it spreads underground to other roots.
  • Tree stumps don’t look pretty – they tend to attract weeds and other plants, which can be an eyesore on your perfectly landscaped lawn. It can also be difficult to mow around them, given their uneven shape.
  • Stumps can be a hazard – especially for children who will enjoy running and playing in the garden. They can also damage your lawn mower or whippersnapper if you accidentally hit it when mowing your lawn.
  • Stumps attract insects – such as termites, beetles ants and other wood-boring creepy crawlies. They may not be too concerning whilst in your garden, but it will be a different story if they make their way into your home.

Tree stumps are often large and heavy, and should be removed by an experienced tree removal specialist. There are several considerations for stump removal and a tree specialist, such as Australian Tree Services, will take into consideration your surroundings to ensure safe and effective removal of your stump.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Leave Tree Stump Removal to the Experts