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How to prevent termites on your property after removal of old trees

Often when trees are cut down their stumps are left behind – which is very attractive to termites.
Trees are removed for many reasons; they may have fallen in a storm, or perhaps they are constantly dropping leaves onto a driveway or into the gutter and you’re tired of the constant cleanup.
Yes, it is possible for termites to still make themselves at home in the tree stump or roots that are left behind after the removal of a tree.

Termites and tree stumps

Termites love and thrive in tree stumps. Tree stumps take a long time to decay and rot away completely. Whilst the stump rots, it attracts many insects, including termites.
When removing a tree, it isn’t enough to remove the tree and leave the stump.
Before you remove the stump, you should check as to whether it is already infested or not, as if it is removal will not be enough to eradicate the problem.
When removing the stump, you should engage the services of a tree specialist such as Australian Tree Services. A tree specialist will be able to bore out the stump in its entirety, which is effective prevention to stop any termites migrating to your home.

More tips to prevent termites:

  • Don’t keep piles of wood, debri, leaves or grass on your property unnecessarily, especially to the point it rots.  Rotting wood encourages termites to nest and is a potential hazard for your home.
  • If you do store wood, e.g. firewood, store it off the ground on a metal surface, away from your home.
  • Keep the edges of your home clear, so you can see any potential termite attacks.

If you have trees, or tree stumps on your property that need removing, you should consider engaging a tree removal specialist such as Australian Tree Services to effectively and professionally remove them, safely.