How to clean you garden palms

Palm trees add a tropical look to your home, making them perfect for the Queensland climate!

Most palms are self cleaning, meaning they shed their seed pods and fronds without any assistance, but not all are and without cleaning them they can quickly become a messy eyesore.

Problems with unpruned palms

Un-pruned palms can cause a number of problems, such blockages in pools filters, and making a mess of driveways and gutters. Falling fronds can become a hazard to people and property.
Palms are often notorious for harvesting pests such as fruit bats, who feeds on the hanging fruit and seeds the palms produce.
As tempting as it may be to prune your own palms and remove dead or dying fronds, this can be extremely dangerous largely due to the height of the palms and also the specialist tools and equipment required to do the job safely. Despite their size, palms are often quite delicate and if damage is done to their trunk it will often never fully heal.
Palm fronds provide the tree with nutrients and are essential for them to thrive, so it is important to know what can and shouldn’t be removed during the cleaning process. Often fronds that look unruly and out of control are essential to the health of the palm and removing them is a mistake many often make.

Leave the pruning of your palms to a professional

These are just some of the reasons palm cleanings should be left to the professionals. Australian Tree Services have the knowledge and expertise to safely care for your palm tree whilst not causing long term damage, recognising what should and not should not be removed to ensure your palms retain their beauty and continue to enhance your home.
Contact us today to arrange your annual palm clean and keep your palms looking great!

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