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Purchasing the best Firewood

Winter is sweeping its cold winds all across Queensland and for the lucky few who have a traditional fireplace, it is a perfect excuse to gather around and enjoy the soothing warmth a natural fire can provide.  So what do you need to note when purchasing the best firewood?
Firstly, don’t be caught out this winter by purchasing firewood that is below standard, potentially treated with chemicals, and not matured properly. One of the biggest issues many consumers will face when purchasing firewood will be whether or not the wood has aged properly.
The problem with firewood that hasn’t been developed correctly is that it will still be considered ‘green wood’ which holds significantly higher moisture content. When this wood is burned, you will notice that it will emit up to 70% less heat then properly aged fire wood.
Burning ‘green wood’ will also result in a build up of gum in your chimney or flue, which is not only unhygienic and can cause unpleasant smells, but it also poses a higher risk of a fire breaking out and possibly damaging not only your chimney but your home as well.
Some of the benefits of purchasing your firewood through Australian Tree Service is our absolute guarantee that our firewood is of the highest quality. We do this by carefully selecting the best trees and then ageing them for some years before they are split and sold, ensuring a slow burning fire that generates plenty of heat.
We also guarantee that all of our firewood sold is clean and free of nasty chemicals that can affect the health of you and your family members.
At Australian Tree Services, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of firewood; we offer competitive pricing and expert quality as well as the ability to service all Brisbane services from the north of Brisbane to the south, Ipswich and Redlands, click here to get in touch.