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How to Relocate Mature Trees

Do you have a tree that has grown in a bothersome spot or outgrown its location but you do not want to cut it down or you simply think the plant would look better in a different location? Then relocation could be the answer for you.  But how do you relocate mature trees?
What may seem an arduous and complicated project, we here at Australian Tree Services have written a quick guide for you to use and follow so that you can move that tree safely and easily.

  • First of all, you need to be real with your abilities, are you capable of moving the tree yourself, if you are not to sure you can do it yourself it will be worthwhile to hire the services of a professional.
  • Next you will want to decide the trees new location, be sure to take into consideration, sunlight, drainage and whether or not its close to property boundaries that could cause neighbourly disputes and we all want to avoid those.
  • After making your final decision you will want to start by watering the soil around the tree, be sure to take into account how long the roots of the tree are. Failing to water around the root network will make the relocation more difficult and could result in damaging the trees.
  • Once the soil is moist start by digging a trench roughly about a meter to a meter and a half away from the stump, this will reveal the roots of the tree.
  • You will then want to cut the tree’s roots, once this is done, you will want to begin lifting the tree from below the root ball, not the trunk otherwise the tree will be damaged.
  • Once the tree is successfully lifted, you can move the tree into its new home, apply the proper soil and nutrients and watch as your tree continues to grow.

Australian Tree Services can help assist you in all of your gardening and landscape needs, including mature tree relocation. Our highly qualified professionals will expertly plan and execute a tree relocation with minimal damage that would cause the plant to wither and die. Contact us today for an obligation free quote today, click here.