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The Benefits of Tree Pruning Prior to Autumn

You may have noticed from the cooler night air, the falling leaves and an abundance of change in seasonal fruit and vegetables, the summer is over and autumn is now upon us. With this in mind, we thought it would be a splendid time to discuss the benefits of pruning your favourite trees, plants and shrubs and why you should do this before autumn really sets in.
Firstly, pruning during the autumn time is ill-advised and could kill your plants, decaying fungi such as Mycelium purposefully and profusely release their spore during the autumn months.
It is critical when pruning your trees and plants to avoid the autumn dampness because the process of pruning is more or less wounding your plant, and like us, an exposed wound leaves your plants and trees vulnerable to infection from Mycelium and other bacterium and fungi.
Another reason you should prune before the Autumn months, such as in summer is that this is when your plant is at its most active, and once this activity has finished, you will be able to see how far your plant has grown and will grow next year, making pruning a more tactical affair.
If you missed the summer months, then hold off until the winter, as winter pruning is also highly effective as fungi and bacterium are not as active, and your plant is also dormant, leading to vigours and spontaneous burst of growth during the spring and summer months, this is especially true for flowering species such as roses.
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