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Trees to avoid planting to close to buildings or boundaries in Queensland

An excellent way to liven up any bare property is by planting trees & shrubs around the home or as a border to add extra privacy to your home; however, there are some trees, shrubs and plants to avoid planting to close to buildings or boundaries in Queensland to prevent hours of maintenance or even worse, neighbourly disputes that could turn nasty & cost you.
Selecting the right plants for your yard is vital, as a general rule, you will want to avoid Evergreen Figs (Hill’s Weeping Fig, Weeping Fig, the Moreton Bay Fig and the Port Jackson Fig), unless you have a sizeable property that can accommodate the massive size this species can reach.
Although popular amongst flower enthusiasts and often sought after for the perfume it releases, Jasmine (Jasminum Polyanthum) can quickly grow to sizes of 6 meters and is notoriously hard to control as it can spread both above and below ground.
Whilst a good option for providing security along borders, Bamboos such as the Golden Bamboo should be avoided, otherwise known as Running Bamboo. Running Bamboo is more likely to spread quickly and invade areas it is not wanted compared to its alternative Clumping Bamboo, which doesn’t spread so rapidly and is efficiently controlled.
Failing to understand the way in which your plants grow can cause a range of issues, such as cracked pavement and pipes, overreach into your neighbour’s yard, damaged fences or vital infrastructure which could result in costly repairs and possible legal action against you.
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