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Tree maintenance in the summer, what you need to do

Like every other living thing, trees can get equally as uncomfortable during the scorching days of summer! Tree maintenance can identify if trees have become dehydrated or weak making them prone to illness. In summer trees require a certain kind of care to stay healthy!

Tree maintenance tips for the summer

Get a professional to check your trees

Summer is a perfect time for a professional to check your trees. An arborist can meet the specific needs of your garden and suggest any specific pruning or treatments that your plants and trees need to get them through the hot summer months and beyond. Not only that, an arborist can check for any signs of pests attacking your trees, which thrive in the warm summer months!


Correctional pruning of trees in summer is the best way to maintain their health. The warm weather highlights any dead or infected branches. These and broken limbs should be pruned to avoid diseases spreading to the rest of the tree. When properly pruned, air circulation is improved and the need for water uptake reduces. However, be careful not to over prune as you risk exposing trees to sun scalding and stress. Contact an arborist who can determine what should be pruned or not.

Water trees and plants regularly

Watering your plants and younger trees twice a day is necessary in summer. Water them first thing in the morning and just before the sun goes down to allow them to absorb the water before the temperature heats up!

Give your soil some TLC

Mulching in summer is essential to keep your trees and plants moist. You can use wood chips, leaves and bark to retain moisture and add nutrients to the soil as they decompose. Spike the soil with a rake or watering spike so that water can penetrate the roots and trees and plants can get a good drink!

Cable weak limbs

With summer storms a hazard, an arborist will be able to determine whether any of your trees pose any danger to your home in the event of a storm. Tree maintenance can address weak limbs that could potentially cause damage. It may be suggested to cable these or completely remove weak limbs.

Tree care is imperative throughout the summer months! If you need the help of a tree maintenance company in Brisbane contact us today for a full overview of your trees to ensure their long lifespan for many years to come.