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Spring Gardening Tips for South East QLD

Spring has officially sprung and with spring comes the some unpredictable pre-summer weather.

With spring unfortunately can come dry conditions, which can inhibit new plant growth.

However, there is a lot to keep you busy in the garden during the spring months.  Think more along the lines of fertilizing and watering if not enough rainfalls.

Plant gardening tips

It is a good time to mulch and do a general fertilization of your garden and plants if you haven’t already. As summer creeps into spring the warmer weather will stimulate new plant growth and they’ll be looking for nutrients.

Even if plants don’t appear to have had much growth or need much pruning it is a good idea to get rid of any dead flowers to prevent nutrients being wasted.

It is a good time to cut back tropical plants and foliage as they when the warmer weather comes, they will shoot again quickly.

Vegetable gardening tips

Like your plants, you want to focus on fertilizing your veggies in spring. It is a good time to mulch and water if it has been particularly dry.

As the weather gets warmer, pests and diseases start to rear their ugly heads so get your pest control plan in place whether that be insect proof nets, traps, spraying or fruit fly control bags.

You should continue to plant vegetables throughout this month as many vegetables grow well in the lead up to summer but will struggle in the peak of summer heat. Spring is the likely the last opportunity you’ll get to a wide range of vegetables growing.