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How pruning helps to enhance the growth and shape of your trees

Pruning trees helps them grow and makes them stronger.

With regular pruning they’ll likely require less maintenance to keep them healthy, as they get older too.

Trees can be a costly investment so you want to make sure you give them the best possible chance of thriving! A young tree is vulnerable to the elements and needs some TLC so that it can thrive. Regular pruning is one way to do this.

How does pruning help trees?

  • Removing dead, diseased or damaged branches helps prevent the spread of disease and decay within the tree.
  • A pruned tree results in a thinner canopy, allowing an increase of air and sunlight to the branches usually hidden in the dense foliage. This results in a healthier tree and fewer disease problems.
  • Pruning reduces the heavy weight on heavy branches, allowing the tree to retain its natural shape.
  • Pruning reduces potential hazards from large braches being obstructive or falling.
  • Pruned trees look nice on the eye. An unruly tree can become visually unappealing.

Pruning is one of the most common and most important tree maintenance procedures and most routine pruning can be carried out at any time throughout the year.

Although not difficult to learn the pruning basics, you may want to engage the services of a professional if:

  • You have never pruned your trees before and aren’t sure where you start
  • Your trees are showing signs of disease or decay (some diseases can be spread when pruning during active transmission periods). If you’re not sure what to signs to look for, read about signs of diseases in trees here.
  • You have trees such as palms, where certain pruning techniques should be applied for the safety of the plant and the pruner!