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5 trees suitable to plant in your SEQ backyard 

Planting trees in your garden can add a lot of value to your lifestyle and home.

Considering the SEQ sub-tropical climate, some trees are more suitable than others.

There are issues such as leaf and branch drop, maintenance requirements, size and shade that they will offer.

With this in mind, here are 5 trees suitable for your SEQ backyard:

  1. CUPANIOPSIS anacardioides  – also known as a Tuckeroo, Carrotwood, Green-leaved Tamarind and Beach Tamarind. This tree resembles a lollipop and is good for acting as a low maintenance hedge or along pathways. This is a native tree local to the Brisbane area and produces berries, which attract birds. The tree doesn’t drop many leaves so there won’t be much litter and the non evasive root system makes it perfect for next to pavements and walkways.
  2. ELAEOCARPUS eumundii – this tree grows approximately 6-7m tall and -2 wide. The new leaves grow pink making an attractive contrast against the glossy green leaves. This trees foliage grows to the ground also making it a great hedge option.
  3. Waterhousea floribunda – also known as a weeping lilly pilly is a taller version of the Tuckeroo – standing at around 8m in height and spreading over 6m. It is best places away from the building structures but provides nice shade in the garden thanks to its lollipop shape.
  4. Flowering Eucalyptus – the Eucalyptus Summer Red and Summer beauty produce blossoms in stunning shades of red and pink. Not cheap, but these natives are one of the most beautiful trees you could plant in your garden. At around 6m in height they are manageable, don’t drop branches and attract birds making them a beautiful focal point of your yard.
  5. Delonix Regia – also known as the Poinciana. This tree is a Brisbane icon and provides great colour and shade from red through to orange, and even flowering in summer. It is best suited to a back corner away from buildings and will provide a canopy of shade. It does drop flowers and seeds so you’ll want to keep it away from any paved areas. A slow grower, purchase as mature a tree as you can afford to provide maximum wow factor as soon as possible.

These are just a few of the popular options suitable for your SEQ backyard!

Trees add a sense of calm and tranquility to your backyard and buy choosing the right ones for the climate they’ll require little maintenance for many years!

To keep them healthy trees should be pruned professionally every 2-3 years to keep them well maintained and in the desired shape.