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Managing pests and diseases in your trees

Protecting trees from pests and diseases is key to keeping them healthy.

Fungal diseases and insect pests can damage leaves, shoots and crows which can reduce the growth of trees, impact their condition and if severe enough – cause them to die.
Knowing how to spot the signs of pests of diseases is critical for keeping your trees healthy and thriving.
Stressed trees don’t look pretty and also pose a risk of danger of falling branches!

Symptoms of pests and diseases in trees·

  • Sighting of stem borers such as grubs or caterpillars that tunnel through and feed on wood.
  • Jagged or ripped leaf edges.
  • Leaf discoloration, withering or leaf loss.
  • Spots, blotches or blisters on leaf.
  • Stains, cracks or splits in the bark.

These are signs of leaf chewing beetles, mites, termites and other damaging and invasive pests and diseases. Diseases can infect both mature and immature foliage so it is important to check trees and plants at all stages of their life. See a full range of possible pests and diseases here.

Keeping trees healthy

Regular pruning
Regular pruning is essential to keep trees healthy, stimulate health new growth. Pruning encourages air circulation of the tree and reduces the chances of a fungal infection in the tree. It is essential that pruning is done correctly as mistakes can make trees more susceptible to diseases.
Regular inspection
Inspect your trees, both leafs and branches, regularly so that you spot damage from pests or disease outbreaks as soon as possible so that it can be treated in a timely manner and hopefully stopped in its tracks!
If you aren’t experienced in tree pruning or notice any signs of pests or diseases in your trees you should contact a professional to identify and hopefully prevent the disease from spreading or doing further damage. Call Australian Tree Services.