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How to reduce the risk of tree damage from summer storms

Summer brings us an abundance of sunny warm days, as well as a few dark skies, some torrential rain and howling winds!

Queensland summer storms can be wild.

If not adequately prepared the damage from trees can be severe, as can the clean up mission!

Trees are found in most Queensland homes and are an asset to a property. But during summer storm season they can quickly become a hazard.

Simple steps to reduce the risk of tree damage during storm season:


Pruning trees involves removing dead, dying or low hanging branches. Pruning periodically also strengthens the remaining tree branches meaning they can withstand wind better.

Brace and cable the tree

Cables and rods are used to support any weak trunks or branches to help them withstand the volatile weather and winds those storms can bring by limiting the movement of the stems and branches.

Check your trees for termite damage

Termite damage causes trees to be weaker and more susceptible to storm damage than their healthy cousins. If severely damaged, they may need to be removed to make sure they don’t fall or break, possibly damaging your property during a storm.

Storm season is just around the corner. Now is the time to think about any maintenance required to your trees to reduce the risk of damage from the unpredictable summer storms!

Australian Tree Services specialise in preventative maintenance and can make sure you’re garden and trees are storm ready!

If you didn’t prepare in time and your trees have suffered damage from storms, Australian Tree Services can also help with the clean up and prepare your trees for the next time a storm hits to reduce the risk of further damage.