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How to recognise a sick or diseased tree

A healthy tree is a tree free from pests and diseases.

Diseases make trees sick and can damage to leaves and shoots, which can reduce their growth. Sick trees that are left untreated can even die.

Recognising a sick or diseased tree is critical to keeping them healthy!

Signs of a sick tree:

An abundance of grubs or caterpillars – these stem borers tunnel through and feed on wood

  • Jagged leaf edges
  • Ripped leaves
  • Leaf loss, withering or discolouration
  • Blisters, spots or blotches on leaves
  • Cracks, splits or stains in bark

No trees are safe from diseases. Whether you’re tree is young or mature, it is important to regularly check their health so that you can spot signs of sickness and nip it in the bud!

Sick or diseased trees also become a target for pests that thrive on dead wood such as termites, which you never want in the vicinity of your home.

How can I keep my trees healthy?

Although all trees are susceptible to diseases, there are a few things you can do that will reduce the chances of them getting sick.

  • Regular pruning stimulates health and new growth and also means you will likely spot any signs of diseases early.
  • Inspecting regularly will ensure you can treat diseases early and reduce the risk of them spreading or getting more severe.

Pruning trees correctly is also key to their health. If you aren’t sure how to prune then consider engaging a professional such as Australian Tree Services.

Your trees will always be part of your home; so investing in their health and keeping them disease free is imperative!