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How you can help Australian wildlife impacted by the bushfires

Bushfire season always has devastating repercussions and the current bushfire season is no exception.

It has left Australians and people all over the world feeling extremely helpless in many ways, particularly witnessing the catastrophic effect the fires are having on Australian wildlife and leaving all of us wondering how can we help during this time where we feel particularly helpless?

How can you help Australian wildlife this bushfire season and beyond

  1. Donate to organisations. Donating money to Animal organisations is the most obvious way to help but if this isn’t possible, or you have already donated and want to do more there are other things you can donate that aren’t money. Contact your local Wildlife organisation to see if they require any blankets, towels or consumables.
  2. Leave plenty of water out in affected areas for thirsty animals and keep an eye on pools. Animals will be extremely thirsty and there is a severe lack of drinking water in bushfire-affected areas. Firstly due to the dry conditions but then with the downpours of water, usual drinking spots are contaminated with the dust and debris from the bushfires making these watering holes no longer viable. Use shallow bowls and put some sticks and stones in there to help smaller animals that may fall in. If you have a pool, keep it covered securely and check it regularly to make sure no animals have fallen in. If you don’t have a secure pool cover then make sure animals can easily get out if they fall in.
  3. Volunteer. Contact your local Wildlife organisation and find out how you can become a trained volunteer. They may have a preferred course that they require volunteers to do before assisting with their organisation in order to effectively assist in the rehabilitation efforts during this time when they are overwhelmed.
  4. Keep a cardboard box and blankets in your car. If you come across injured wildlife it is important that the animal is handled correctly. Carefully pick the animal up by wrapping it loosely in a towel or blanket and place in a well-ventilated cardboard box and transport to your closest vet or wildlife centre.*
  5. Support the organisations rehabilitating wildlife! Organisations and wildlife sanctuaries need your support more than ever! Choose these places for your next family day out and enjoy seeing the cute, cuddly koalas whilst donating your dollars via your entry fee at the same time.

No matter how big or small you feel your assistance is, every bit of support helps with rehabilitating and rescuing our Australian wildlife!

*If you find sick or injured wildlife you can call the following organisations:

Wildlife Rescue Inc 1300596457

Australian Capital Territory
RSPCA ACT 02 6287 8100
ACT Wildlife 04 3230 0033

New South Wales
WIRES 1300 094 737

Northern Territory
Wildcare 08 8988 6121 or 04 0888 5341

RSPCA QLD – 1300 264 625
Wildcare Australia – 07 5527 2444

South Australia
Fauna Rescue – 1300 477 722
RSPCA SA – 1300 477 722

Bonorong Wildlife Hospital and Rescue 04 4726 4625

Wildlife Victoria – 03 8400 7300