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Choosing drought efficient trees and plants for your home landscaping project

If you live somewhere prone to drought but dream of a perfectly landscaped and luscious garden, all hope is not lost!

There are many types of drought efficient trees and plants that will thrive in dry environments; you just need to know what they are!

Know your garden

Your choice of drought efficient trees and plants will depend on the climate and soil type. Knowing the maximum and minimum temperatures it reaches in your garden can help you decide what plants are likely to tolerate drought conditions.

Soil type can make a big difference. Some plants enjoy sand soil that drains well whilst others like heavy clay like soil that holds water at the roots, and some plants prefer something in the middle!

You can take a sample of your soil into your local nursery where they will be able to test your soil and let you know what you’re working with.

Use natives

Australian native trees and plants are accustomed to the varied conditions and climate of Australian weather. There are a range of native plants in various shapes, sizes and colours that will fit in with any garden design.

Feed, protect and nurture your plants

Regular feeding throughout the drought is the best way to ensure they can stay healthy. Fertilisers and compost nourish your plants and also help improve the soil and its capacity to hold water, which your plants will appreciate in drought.

Adding a generous layer of mulch will reduce the amount of water that evaporates from the soil and also slows down the growth of weeds.