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Why you should always remove old tree stumps from your yard

Is your tree stump out of sight out of mind?

Once trees have been removed from a yard the tree stumps are often left behind but as we don’t see them every day we don’t give them much thought.

However, tree stumps should also be removed from the property as they can become problematic.

Reasons to remove old tree stumps

  1. They are prone to disease. Even once the tree has been removed and the dead stump is left it is extremely susceptible to fungal diseases, which can quickly spread to other plants in your garden as it spreads via the roots.
  2. Stumps can come back to life. They can re-sprout and start growing back, resulting in a small tree growing.
  3. Roots. Roots continue to grow and can crack underground pipes and foundations that you might not spot until damage has already been done.
  4. Safety. Stumps can be a safety hazard! If you have children playing in the yard they could be a tripping hazard. They can also damage lawn mowers when tidying the yard.
  5. They attract bugs. Creepy crawlies love nothing more than a big hunk of wood. Some of these creepy crawlies, such as termites, you’ll want to keep away from your home at all costs! Removing the temptation can reduce the likelihood of them making your home their next target.
  6. In summary, tree stump are not at all useful! There is no reason to keep them in your garden.

Only a professional such as Australian Tree Services should remove tree stumps. They are large, heavy and require certain machinery to remove them safely and in their entirety.

If you have an unsightly stump in your garden, contact Australian Tree services to remove it and the hazards it brings with it from your garden entirely.