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How to control pests in your palms

Palms are an attractive tropical addition to any Australian garden.

Combined with the warm sunny weather, they provide you with instant tropical island vibes! If you want palms in your garden you need to be aware of the pests they’re prone to and maintenance required, keeping them at bay.

Common palm pests in Australia

The weevil borer, palm leaf beetle, giant palm borer, palm budworm and royal palm bug are the main palm pests in Australia.

Some of these pests, such as the giant palm borer, are known for slowing down the growth of palms and weakening their structure – that’s if they don’t completely kill them!

Whilst others won’t necessarily kill your palms, such as the royal palm bug, they are a nuisance to have around, causing dead and unsightly palm leaves!

Once a palm is established and healthy, pests will not often kill the tree completely but they still need to be controlled.

Controlling pests in your palms

Keeping your palms properly cared for, pruned and maintained will lessen the chance of a pest attack!

Some maintenance methods include spraying with suitable pesticides or insecticides, which can effectively get rid of these pests. Also checking regularly for any signs of disease or decay are imperative tasks on your maintenance to-do list for keeping your palms healthy.

However checking, pruning and spraying can prove problematic if your palm is 4metres in height! This is when it is time to call in a professional for the safety and health of yourself and your trees.

A professional such as Australian Tree Services can prune your palms and check their health as they do it, taking any precautions that may be necessary to keep your pests under control!