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Winter care for fruit trees

Fruit trees rest in winter to rejuvenate, and this is the perfect opportunity to pamper them.

Think of it as a ‘spring clean’, just in a different season for fruit trees!
Although fruit growth may slow down, the care for your trees certainly doesn’t!
Winter is the perfect time to get rid of unwanted pests, pruning, weeding and spraying so that they can thrive again come spring – there is plenty to do to keep your green thumbs busy throughout the cooler months.

5 ways to care for fruit trees this winter:

  1. Weeding. Winter is the perfect time to eliminate any weeds surrounding your fruit trees. As the trees will be looking a little sparse compared to usual, you’ll be able to see and reach weeds better to remove them. Removing weeds also reduces creepy crawlies and pests.
  2. Removal of old leaves and fruit. Old leaves and fruit is a breeding ground for eggs and pests, winter is the perfect opportunity to spot and remove this dead fruit.
  3. Washing and spraying. Winter washing and spraying early in winter removes any pests that may be attempting to hide in your fruit trees from the elements until spring. Bordeaux spray and lime sulphur are commonly used for winter washing fruit trees. As well as controlling pests, this spray also controls fungal spores and eggs.
  4. Protecting your trees from the elements. The cold snap can wreak havoc with vulnerable fruit trees. Trees such as olives and lemons should be moved into a greenhouse, or a semi-indoor space.
  5. Drainage. Ensure any potted fruit trees have adequate drainage as it is extremely hard for frozen roots to recover.

By caring for your fruit trees in winter, you’ll reap the rewards come spring and summer with healthy fruit a plenty!
That thought alone should be enough to keep you warm throughout the winter months and busy giving your fruit trees some TLC.
For assistance or advice maintaining your fruit trees, or if you have larger trees to prune, any time of the year, contact Australian Tree Services.