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Pesky weeds in your not so perfect lawn? How to rid the weeds once and for all

Do you spend more time battling weeds than doing anything else in your garden?

Weeds crop up everywhere; in your lawn, your plants and your paths – they can be relentless and are an unsightly addition to your garden!
Different types of weeds require different types of weed killer. Knowing your weeds means you can eradicate them without damaging your luscious lawn, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space, weed free!

Steps to rid weeds from your lawn once and for all:

  • Establish what types of weeds are in your lawn. Different types of weeds require different removal tactics. Once you know the type of weed you’re dealing with and it’s life cycle, you’ll be able to establish the best removal method and how to best prevent them from growing back.
  • Choose your herbicide based on the type of weeds. There are some weed killers that are specifically designed to remove weeds from your lawn, leaving your turf healthy.
  • Kill the weeds. Once you have established the type of weeds you’re dealing with and chosen the correct herbicide, you can make a start with saying goodbye to the weeds once and for all.

Weeding is hard work, especially if attempting to do this by hand! Manual weeding becomes extremely difficult especially if the weeds affect a large area or are deep rooted.
Although a DIY weed removal job can be tempting, weeds can be relentless and continue to reoccur if a professional doesn’t tackle them, which means less and less time for you to enjoy your garden!
Australian Tree Services are weed-spraying professionals who are able to identify and successfully remove weeds from your lawn, without causing any damage to your turf. They are experts in identifying and eradicating a variety of weeds, safely and professionally.