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What fruits and vegetables should you plant in autumn?

From turnips to spinach, knowing what fruits and vegetables to plant in autumn will keep your garden flourishing throughout the entire season! Not too hot but not yet too cold, there’s no better time of the year for green thumbs to spend some time in the garden!

Growing your own food to feed yourself or your family is one of the most rewarding pastimes. Whether it’s greens for a side-salad, or a whole host of fruit and vegetables, what you grow yourself to eat will be full of nutrients and as fresh as it can possibly get!

Autumn provides an ideal temperature to grow your plants, with the days and nights getting cooler. Plants aren’t as affected by the scorching temperatures and thrive throughout the season.  It also makes for a more pleasant experience yourself outdoors tending to your veggie patch without the harsh Queensland summer sun on your back!

Autumn in subtropical Southeast QLD is the perfect time for planting the following fruits, veggies and herbs:

●      Spring onions

●      Turnips

●      Sweet potatoes

●      Capsicum

●      Carrots

●      Tomatoes

●      Celery

●      Spinach

●      Coriander

●      Garlic

●      Parsley

●      Rosemary

●      Thyme

●      Rocket

●      Sage

Maintain your garden in Autumn

In order to yield a healthy supply of autumn fruits and veggies, some garden maintenance is essential:

●      Water frequently at the soil instead of foliage so fungal diseases don’t occur,

●      Use organic fertiliser and compost,

●      Weed regularly so your plants don’t get crowded ,

●      Protect from pests by hanging sticky insect traps throughout your vegetable garden to trap fruit flies.

So there you go! From crunchy turnips to tasty tomatoes, there’s an array of fruits and vegetables to plant in your garden in autumn.