24/7 Emergency Storm Damage Available

Storm Damage Services

The summer period has only just begun and we have already started to experience many storm events early on.  Queensland is notorious for its summer storms and we sure can get some beauties!!  There is a great buzz when a storm hits and for good reason, as storms can create significant damage in a very short period of time. They can build up over the course of the hot day or they can come upon us unexpectedly.  At times they can be hard to predict with any great certainty, therefore precautions should be adhered to when there are warnings of summer thunderstorms, as they can range from a mild to an extremely serve storm.

Now is an important time to prepare for the storm season by securing outdoor items, putting unnecessary items away in storage and reducing the risk of large trees or branches from falling.  Australian Tree Services, recommend that you have your trees inspected prior to storm season. Their pre-storm services include trimming or removing any unsafe trees that create a potential risk to your home or nearby power lines.

If your home is in path of a serve storm this summer, you may experience storm damage to trees on your property.  Australian Tree Services can provide support with cleaning up after a destructive storm.  It can be a real eye opener to see the degree of mess that trees can make when damaged in a storm, particularly uprooted trees.  They are able to fully inspect remaining trees to determine their safety and provide a clean-up service to reduce further safety risks and restore your property.

Take a look at what you can do to help reduce the effects of storm damage this summer, and contact the Australian Tree Services should you need any assistance in preparing for our storm season or in attending to any unfortunate storm damage. From all the team we wish you a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.