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Benefits of stump grinding to remove tree stumps

When a tree is removed, it is generally cut down to a level above the ground leaving behind a tree stump.  There are therefore many benefits of stump grinding to remove tree stumps and make your area much safer.

Tree stumps are a hazard and can cause many issues, here are a few things to consider:

  • A tree stump left behind is a decaying piece of wood; this therefore attracts pests into your yard and around your home.  In no time at all you could find yourself with a pest infestation of beetles, ants and other wood bearing pests.  The most concerning of all is it attracts termites which can be extremely destructive should they set up home on your property, with the potential to cause damage to your nearby home.  Additionally the tree can continue to sprout new growth from around the base of the truck, creating additional work to deal with.
  • A large stump left behind is an unattractive sight, so they are often removed to make the property look more appealing, and to tidy and neaten up the landscape.  This is important if you are considering selling the house, as tree stumps are certain to deter from the aesthetic appeal of the home.
  • Stumps also create an unusable space in your yard or garden.  It may be necessary to remove the stump to allow for landscaping, to plant other plants and shrubs, or to open up the space for a playground or shed.  Whatever the requirements of your property, it makes sense to remove tree stumps that are taking up unnecessary space in your yard.
  • If left behind they can cause hazards in the form of spreading disease to other healthy plants, can be a trip hazard and have the potential to cause injury, they can also be hazardous when mowing and cause damage to mowers if hit.

Stump grinding can prevent all of these issues, by simply and effectively using special equipment to grind away at the remaining tree trunk to bring it back down to below ground level.  This removes any evidence of the existing tree and frees up the area to be landscaped and utilised in whatever manner desired.

There are many great benefits from stump grinding so if you have any remaining tree stumps, contact Australian Tree Services to have them removed and your yard safe, appealing and pest-free once again, click here.