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Wood Chip Machinery Safety Precautions

If you have tree waste, broken limbs and debris on your property you may be considering recycling your waste into wood chip mulch for use around the property. It is possible to hire equipment to produce your own product however the associated costs and time to do the job could out weight the costs of calling in a qualified professional. Australian Tree Services is a wood chipping company in Ipswich providing wood chipping services to Ipswich and surrounding areas.

Wood Chipping machinery should be operated by a professional. The blades on a wood chipper are very sharp and if the machinery is incorrectly used there is a danger of personal injury.
Important Safety Precaution Tips for a Wood Chipper - AU Tree Services
Safety Tips:

  • Protective clothing should be worn and tucked in well
  • Wear safety glasses at all times while operating machinery to protect eyes from flying bark.
  • Protect hands with safety gloves.
  • Waste product should be fed through the machinery slowly to avoid jams.
  • Follow all safety precautions do not work alone.
  • The tree waste should be free of any foreign material such as gravel or metal.

At Australian Tree Services we take all safety precautions to ensure the safety of people and property. Under no circumstances will work tasks be performed if workplace heath and safety standards and approved work safety practices are to be compromised. Australian Tree Services meets the compliance regulations of the tree services industry at all times.