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Tree Removal on Private Property

Trees are such a beautiful part of our gardens and backyards; however their safety, condition and growth may have altered or your changing landscaping requirements may necessitate tree removal on your private property. Trees can become problematic when tree roots cause property damage to pavers, fences or underground plumbing, cause allergies in susceptible persons, block sunlight for solar access, drop excessive leaves, fruits and seeds or worse still drop large limbs and branches.
Before removing trees from your property there are a few things to consider; firstly are there necessary permissions that need to be obtained, and you many need to consider if the trees protected and what are the local laws in relation to tree removal in your area. You can contact your local council to discuss your plans and find out what regulations apply to you.
A professional tree service with the right skills, experience, equipment and insurance will need to be used to remove the tree. Felling a tree is extremely dangerous work and poses a risk to occupants, neighbours and the surrounding buildings if not performed by professionals.
Things that need to be reviewed and considered as part of the process of removing a tree from your property is the proximity to electric powerlines and other structures, determining if there are any underground hazards such as buried cables, sewer or gas lines that could be damaged with stump removal, consultation with neighbouring properties where tree branches overhang, the amount of material needed to be disposed of when removing a mature tree and adequate insurance protection should it be required. For these reasons, it is necessary to have a professional tree removal company take care of all these considerations and perform the tree removal service in a safe manner.
If you have any requirements for tree removal on your private property, contact Australian Tree Services for further information, click here.