24/7 Emergency Storm Damage Available

Storm Season is Here!

Severe weather extremes are part of living in Queensland’s sub-tropical climate. It’s important to take the time to prepare your property. Trees are hazardous and they should not be assumed to be safe because they appear healthy and stable. Well-grounded and established trees that are healthy and have been standing for many years still have the potential to cause damage to property and people in a storm, or extreme weather event.
There are many factors that can cause trees to become dangerous in a storm event, such as double leaders branches can be susceptible to weakness, rot in a tree’s trunk can lead to structural weakness, a healthy but overgrown branch can be too close to a power-line or building, or poorly shaped or lopped trees can develop weaknesses.
Regular inspections by a fully-qualified Arborist can give you an idea of necessary tree maintenance or removal work that will need to be done to ensure property and people are as safe as possible in the event of extreme weather.
Inspect your trees yourself between your Arborist visits, to monitor any risk factors they point to you and to look for new damage such as cracks in the trunk or branches, decay or rot appearing, hanging branches, or trees that develop a lean. If you are unsure, call your fully-qualified Arborists who will always follow the Australian Standards required for the situation. Sticking to the Australian Standard reduces the risk you and your property, while ensuring the long term health and beauty of your tree.
To find out how a qualified Arborist can help you, please contact us today.