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Tip’s for planting trees in your yard

You’ve decided on the right tree for garden, now what?

Planting trees is a science and once you’re up to speed with the what, where, when and how – you’ll reap the green, leafy rewards in no time!

Top tips for tree planting

  1. Plant small trees (that won’t grow above 30ft) at least 10m away from your home and power lines. Plant large trees (above 30ft) at-least 15m away.
  2. Dig a hole at least twice as wide as the root ball, and of equal height to the root ball to prevent settling to deep in the soil.
  3. Angle the best-looking side of the tree in the direction you want it to face.
  4. When backfilling the soil into the root hole, pack it lightly. The key to roots growing is having loose soil to grow into, if it’s packed too tight, the roots have nowhere to go!
  5. Cover the soil with 2-3 inches of mulch, this will help keep rot away and keep the soil moist.
  6. Install tree stakes to assist the tree in growing in the right direction, but don’t attach them too tight, the tree still needs to grow in a natural direction.
  7. Water the tree as soon as you have planted it, and every day afterwards for several weeks. This is extremely important to ensure the tree thrives, roots attach and it grows healthily.
  8. Don’t prune the tree until it’s first growing season, unless it has dead or diseased branches. Although you may be tempted to tidy it up, pruning young trees can stunt their growth.

Take these tips to plant your trees and watch them thrive!

Once your trees are well established, you can always enlist the help of a professional such as Australian Tree Services to help maintain your leafy pride and joy!