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Important Tips about Tree Lopping & Pruning

Landscaping adds to the aesthetics of a property, as well as increasing property value. A well planted and maintained property will fetch a higher price at sale than a property that has not been developed. Maintaining the trees on your property includes regular branch trimming, pruning, pest management among a few things. ATS  Tree Lopping Service in Brisbane can assist you with these jobs. Our qualified professionals have many years experience and will give you the best advice, service and quality workmanship. If you are looking to complete the work yourself the following tips may help.
Important Tips about Tree Lopping & Pruning - Australian Tree Services - Brisbane - Ipswich

  • Firstly, decide whether you have the necessary knowledge in tree management to be able to handle the trees in your garden efficiently. If the answer is a ‘NO’, then the best thing to do is to approach a professional arborist who will provide you with the necessary information regarding the various treatments and techniques required while dealing with particular types of foliage. They are professional tree lopping and pruning experts who will provide you solutions that will be the most economical, both in terms of money and effort.
  • Arborists can also assist with advice regarding the tree pruning techniques that would be the most effective in removing dead, dying, or diseased parts, and stimulating new growth in plants. They can also provide you with valuable suggestions regarding how to improve the appearance of plants and tree’s on your property.
  • Identify trees on your property that are growing too close to the house or that have the potential to cause damage to landscaped paths and driveways. Put in place a preventative management plan to deal with the issues before it is too late. If you need help call in a qualified tree expert.
  • If the trees on your property are large they need to be handled carefully during the process of tree lopping or pruning. Falling branches have the potential to cause damage to persons and property if not handled correctly. Australian Tree Services in Brisbane provides full insurance cover so our customers can have peace of mind knowing we are fully covered in the event of any damage.