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Choosing the right firewood this winter

What screams winter in Queensland more than finally being able to use your traditional fireplace?

With the winter chills setting in, one thing you’ll find yourself purchasing more of this winter is firewood!

How to purchase the best firewood

No, firewood isn’t all the same! And the last thing you want to do is purchase wood that is below standard, treated with chemicals or not matured properly. The age of the tree the wood has come from has a significant impact on how much heat it will produce when burning.

A younger tree is considered ‘green’ and has significantly higher moisture content meaning that when it does burn, it will emit up to 70% less heat than its aged counterparts and isn’t ideal to burn in your chimney. Not only is it unhygienic, as it will result in a build up of gum; it also increases the risk of a fire starting in the flute.

What should I look for when purchasing firewood?

Firewood should be aged, clean and free of any harmful chemicals.

Australian Tree Services selects the best trees and ages them slowly before they are split to ensure that the fire they produce burns slowly and hot hot hot!

There are no nasty chemicals used so you can be sure that burning our firewood won’t affect you or your family members health.

Not only do Australian Tree Services supply premium firewood, they also deliver to Brisbane suburbs for FREE! This means that all you have to do is light your fire, and enjoy the warm, chemical free, natural heat it produces!