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3 things you should do to prepare your winter garden

As winter draws closer we start to prep, whipping out our winter wardrobe to prepare for the cooler months ahead. Your garden too has to prepare for winter, and it needs your help! Here we discuss how to prepare your winter garden.

3 tips to prepare your winter garden

1.     Prepare your soil.

This is a great time to prepare your soil for spring and dig in amendments such as manure, compost, kelp, etc. In most climates adding these nutrients just before winter means that they will start breaking down throughout the cooler months, enriching your soil. This means that you won’t have to wait until it starts to warm up and can get some of the work done in your garden on the lead up to the busy spring season.

2.     Mulch.

Replenishing your mulch just before winter will help reduce water loss and protect the soil from erosion as it transitions to the colder weather. Adding a thick layer of mulch will help regulate the soil temperature, moisture levels and protect your crops and root vegetables against harsh frosts.

3.     Prepare your lawn.

Many lawn varieties go dormant during winter months; it can be a critical time for the health of your lawn. On the lead up to winter your lawn needs some TLC to keep it healthy throughout winter and ready to spring back to life when the weather warms up. Fertilise your lawn before the cold sets in and raise your lawnmower height. The longer blades of grass will protect your lawn from frost and improve photosynthesis to keep your lawn healthy when there is less sun.

Preparing for winter will save you a lot of work revitalising your garden when the weather starts to warm up and not only improve your lawn but also your plants, fruits and veggie yields will be improved in the long term.

Don’t forget, winter is a great time to plant certain winter flowers and veggies! Your local nursery will be able to advise what’s best for your garden so you can enjoy your garden and reap the rewards of your hard work all year round!