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storm ready

Is your property storm ready?

With storm season in full swing, it’s time to think about whether you are appropriately prepared! Queensland storms can be severe, and the aftermath can involve a lengthy clean up mission, including cleaning up fallen trees and debris. There are simple measures you may not have thought of that will significantly minimise the impact a […]



How to clean you garden palms

Palm trees add a tropical look to your home, making them perfect for the Queensland climate! Most palms are self cleaning, meaning they shed their seed pods and fronds without any assistance, but not all are and without cleaning them they can quickly become a messy eyesore. Problems with unpruned palms Un-pruned palms can cause […]


tree stump

How to prevent termites on your property after removal of old trees

Often when trees are cut down their stumps are left behind – which is very attractive to termites. Trees are removed for many reasons; they may have fallen in a storm, or perhaps they are constantly dropping leaves onto a driveway or into the gutter and you’re tired of the constant cleanup. Yes, it is […]



Have you got old tree stumps on your property? Why you need to get rid of them.

Do you have an old tree stump in your garden that you haven’t taken much notice of, or just left it, as it doesn’t appear to be doing any harm? Well that seemingly harmless stump may prove to be problematic down the track, here are several reasons why you should consider having it removed: Tree […]



Spring Garden Maintenance

Spring in Australia is a welcomed and pleasant time of the year.  The onset of spring not only brings forth great weather throughout the country but flora, plants, and wonderful colours come into bloom. Gardening makes its comeback in Spring as a popular recreational activity amongst Aussie Gardeners with the climate being comfortable and the […]


spring gardening tips

Choosing plants best suited for a low maintenance garden

Australia is a privileged country that is blessed with a wide and varied landscape, pleasant moderate weather and an abundance of diverse native flora and fauna. Gardening is a popular recreational activity amongst Australians of all ages and backgrounds. We take advantage of what our land and environment have to offer to add an aesthetically […]


Weed Spraying is a Trouble Free Service in Brisbane - Australian Tree Services - Brisbane - Ipswich

Dealing with pests in the garden

Love them or hate them, unfortunately bugs and pests are a part of every garden on this planet we call ‘earth’. Some bugs are very destructive while others can actually be beneficial to your garden. Most bugs will come and go through the seasons and providing you have a relatively heathy garden that attracts birds […]


tree removal

Trees Can Become Troublesome

Trees are an essential part of life and nature. Trees not only absorb harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, but they also release oxygen. Did you know that two mature trees can release enough oxygen to supply a family of four for an entire year? There are endless examples of why trees are so important. […]


winter fire

Purchasing the best Firewood

Winter is sweeping its cold winds all across Queensland and for the lucky few who have a traditional fireplace, it is a perfect excuse to gather around and enjoy the soothing warmth a natural fire can provide.  So what do you need to note when purchasing the best firewood? Firstly, don’t be caught out this […]


We care about the trees you live with

How to Relocate Mature Trees

Do you have a tree that has grown in a bothersome spot or outgrown its location but you do not want to cut it down or you simply think the plant would look better in a different location? Then relocation could be the answer for you.  But how do you relocate mature trees? What may […]


Tree Pruning and Thinning

The Benefits of Tree Pruning Prior to Autumn

You may have noticed from the cooler night air, the falling leaves and an abundance of change in seasonal fruit and vegetables, the summer is over and autumn is now upon us. With this in mind, we thought it would be a splendid time to discuss the benefits of pruning your favourite trees, plants and […]


tree boundary

Trees to avoid planting to close to buildings or boundaries in Queensland

An excellent way to liven up any bare property is by planting trees & shrubs around the home or as a border to add extra privacy to your home; however, there are some trees, shrubs and plants to avoid planting to close to buildings or boundaries in Queensland to prevent hours of maintenance or even worse, […]


tree clearing

Land Clearing for Residential & Commercial Development

Are you be planning for residential or commercial developments in 2017? The team at Australian Tree Services can provide a professional and comprehensive land clearing service for residential and commercial developments and assist to get your project underway. Once project plans are all finalised and council plans have been approved, then the exciting stage of […]


merry christmas

Storm Damage Services

The summer period has only just begun and we have already started to experience many storm events early on.  Queensland is notorious for its summer storms and we sure can get some beauties!!  There is a great buzz when a storm hits and for good reason, as storms can create significant damage in a very […]


tree stump

Benefits of stump grinding to remove tree stumps

When a tree is removed, it is generally cut down to a level above the ground leaving behind a tree stump.  There are therefore many benefits of stump grinding to remove tree stumps and make your area much safer. Tree stumps are a hazard and can cause many issues, here are a few things to consider: […]



Prepare firebreaks before fire season

Now is the perfect time to prepare your property with firebreaks prior to the hot summer months when fire warnings are high.  Bushfires have a devastating impact on homes, properties, livestock, wildlife and even human life or beloved pets.  Out of control fires move at a ferocious speed with immense intensity.  The trail of destruction […]


tree removal

Tree Removal on Private Property

Trees are such a beautiful part of our gardens and backyards; however their safety, condition and growth may have altered or your changing landscaping requirements may necessitate tree removal on your private property. Trees can become problematic when tree roots cause property damage to pavers, fences or underground plumbing, cause allergies in susceptible persons, block […]


Tree in full flower

Tree and garden maintenance during the winter months

After a hectic summer of watering, pruning, weeding and fertilising, winter can be a welcome time for the avid gardener to take their annual break from the hard work of gardening.  Whilst some things do slow down over the winter months, gardening doesn’t ever really stop. There is still plenty of action happening below the […]


firewood, fireplace

Selecting the right wood for your fireplace

There is nothing better than on a cold windy winter’s day to snuggle up with a warm cocoa in front of the wood heater.  I remember a childhood filled with fond memories of family all gathered around the wood stove on those chilly nights, telling stories, sharing memories, and really enjoying family time whilst warming […]


Deck built around tree

Tree Pruning: The benefits of trimming, correct pruning and shaping

Establishing plants and trees are a long term investment into the beauty of your environment.  Trimming, correct pruning and shaping of the plants and trees are essential in increasing its aesthetic value first and foremost; however there are a number of other reasons why tree pruning is important. When establishing the plant or tree, the […]


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